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Immensely popular in the United States from its original release to the present day, Pac-Man is universally considered as one of the classics of the medium. This is the official PC conversion of the arcade classic Pac Man from Namco. Play Classic Arcade mode, featuring all the original arcade graphics you know. Pacman is a computer game classic and available now for free. In this downloadable PC game everything is exactly how it was in the original Pacman game. How can I not like Flash Pacman? The game has a very simple game play and when you download it it has a maze and some fruits have been kept all over the maze but mostly around the corners and all that you have to do is to eat them before the enemies are released from just anywhere in the maze. Click to Play using Java. PLEASE SUPPORT FREE 80s ARCADE! Sorry, these games are not supported on Mobile devices like the Iphone. All in all, I really recommend downloading Pacman Original as a classic arcade game. original pacman free All in all, I really recommend downloading Pacman Original as a classic arcade game. There are some things that you consume such that you become un destroyable such that you can just pass your enemies without them harming you but this powers are limited for some time so you must make sure play mahjong during this period you try to earn as many marks as possible. Downloads Games Flash Games Classic Pacman Original 1. Click on the game window and hit the ENTER key to start the game. Pros it is very fun to play it reminds me of my old time days.

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Pac-Man Arcade Machine The background is the same black color with blue maze walls. Get Pac Man now and enjoy one of the greatest video games of all time! No plug-in is required in your web browser, but the emulator does require a modern web browser. Pac-Man is an arcade game developed by Namco and distributed in the U. Downloads Games Flash Games Classic Pacman Original 1. I rely on donations from users to help support the site and offset development time. What I really want is an actual machine of either one PAC man or ms pacman! It will be used as a mean for wasting time until work is over We have not used any program. Donkey Kong 3 Double Dragon Duck Hunt Duck Hunt 2 Excite Bike Frogger Galaga Gauntlet GunSmoke Gyruss Joust Jungle Hunt Kong Fu Legend of Zelda Ms. View user reviews monthly rank. Visit Flash Pacman and click PLAY GAME to get started. Nintendo Emulator for Windows Games: She will always be there opening her mouth and eating dots for you, not to mention the random cherries and watermellon. Play Free Classic Arcade games from the eighties. Come relive your childhood through our s pages. If your browser supports the Java Plugin, we also offer this game play in a Java Game Emulator. There are four dots that are larger than others placed in the corners of the map. Complete the levels by eating the dots and avoid the ghosts, if they catch you you will lose a game life. Pac Man is one of my favorite arcade games from the 's. There are also fruits that Pacman can consume at strategic locations in the maze.